Book Review: 56 Days

56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard This was my Book of the Month selection for July. It’s not actually being widely released until sometime in August, which is neat. Ciara and Oliver have only just met, just started dating, when Dublin goes into lockdown. They both feel an intense connection and don’t want to have … Continue reading Book Review: 56 Days

Worst First Date

Last summer, as did so many people, I joined some dating apps. The lockdown was starting to get old and I was bored. All in all, the experience was awful, but I’m not necessarily mad about it. At any rate, I matched with a guy from the next town over. For privacy’s sake, we’ll say … Continue reading Worst First Date

Sunday Funday #3

This is a new series I’m going to do every Sunday where I give you a round up of fun things that I’ve discovered this week. YouTube Channel To Follow: Taskmaster – This is a British tv series but their Youtube Channel has full seasons for free and available to view (at least in the … Continue reading Sunday Funday #3