COVID-19 and Logging Off

I was up into the wee hours of the morning reading. Not because the book was that excellent (though it was good). I needed to keep myself from looking at my phone, from watching the news, from seeing anything else about the pandemic for one night. I’ve never been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder though … Continue reading COVID-19 and Logging Off

Be an Emily

Almost a dozen years ago, I did a study abroad program in Spain. The program I was in was a full immersion style, which kept the group small. There were probably 35 of us total. What this created was a close-knit family in a foreign country speaking a foreign language. And as such, we got … Continue reading Be an Emily

A House Divided

My hometown is a little nutty about their history. Freeport, Illinois was the site of one of the eight Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858. Something the town makes sure no one forgets. There is an elementary school named Lincoln Douglas. The local ice cream shop frequently has punny flavors in commemoration, including the delicious but unfortunately … Continue reading A House Divided