Worst First Date

Last summer, as did so many people, I joined some dating apps. The lockdown was starting to get old and I was bored. All in all, the experience was awful, but I’m not necessarily mad about it. At any rate, I matched with a guy from the next town over. For privacy’s sake, we’ll say … Continue reading Worst First Date

I’m So Mad Right Now

In an effort to improve my health and get out of the house some, I’ve recently begun getting up at 5am and going for a walk around my neighborhood. Typically I just do a couple of laps of my block and call it a day. It’s some nice exercise, there aren’t a lot of people … Continue reading I’m So Mad Right Now

The Pitch

It was late on a Tuesday night. I was scrolling through Facebook when the message popped up. The name was familiar though I had to think back to remember how I knew him. We had been in a marketing group in college together. Now, it had been eight years since I’d graduated and he was … Continue reading The Pitch

The Wait

At the end of January, I found myself in the ER with horrific pain on my left side. After CT scans and ultrasounds, it was discovered that in addition to the ovarian cyst that had ruptured, I had a massive ovarian cyst on my right side. Follow up appointments were set, I saw a gynecologist … Continue reading The Wait